A product of Stecin Leadership Solutions LLC

An Interactive Communication / Learning Tool…

Endorsed by: Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan (“Thiagi”) and Ken Blanchard!


“DISC The Game™” is a fun and easy-to-play learning tool that was created and is distributed by Stecin Leadership Solutions LLC. It was designed for those who use quadrant systems like DISC in their classes and sessions.

This learning tool/game makes a great addition to your training or counseling sessions and works with any of the numerous DISC systems and most other quadrant personality profile tools available. It provides a fun way to learn the concepts of quadrant personality systems, learn more about yourself, and learn about others (even if you have not completed a personality profile). Not only great to use during your training session, it’s a great “leave behind” tool for sustainability purposes. It is a must have for training and sales departments as well as DISC consultants! It’s fun design makes it great for Lunch-and-Learns, Game Nights, Counseling sessions, Youth Groups, and Family nights.

Through a combination of luck and skill, individuals/teams compete with each other to become “DISCfunctional®” by advancing game pieces around a quadrant-shaped board. The roll of the dice and participants’ knowledge of personality characteristics (reference cards come with the game) determine the speed with which a player/team gets to the center square to win.

People learn how to better interact with others as they answer unique real-world questions about their own and others’ tendencies.
2 – 12 players (2 – 4 individuals or up to 12 players through the use of teams)
45 – 60 minutes (depending on the amount of DISCussion that arises)
Age 13 to Adult (recommended ages)

Game board
4 playing pieces
2 dice
4 reference cards
56 scenario cards

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